Friday, May 22, 2015

Osho Meditation Workshop: Experience Joy & Peace With Our True Self

Osho Self-Discovery Meditation Workshop
Experiencing Joy and Peace with Our True Self

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Osho, the master of masters, has devised many powerful techniques to help urban man step out of his chaotic monkey mind, restless body and heart filled with negative emotions. Self-therapy and catharsis is an integral part of the Osho approach, with healing silence and deep relaxation being a natural consequence. 
During these two days, we will be experimenting with various meditation techniques; including breath-work, hypnosis, self-hypnosis, cathartic dance, conscious body movements, food meditation, conscious interaction and self-inquiry methods.

Through this workshop, we will seek to become centered and aware... joyful without conditions or reasons…connected with our inner light to remain rooted even in the middle of a storm… simply being at ease and peace with our True Selves.

We will end the day with Osho's White Robe Gathering with Osho's discourse and celebration followed by dinner. As Osho meditations are active in nature, please come in comfortable clothing.

*Participants are also welcome to attend the White Robe Gathering only.



Shivam Satyam is an artist and writer by profession and a seeker at heart. In 1998, he fell in love with Osho and, thus, began his journey in meditation. He has travelled extensively, experimented with different schools of mysticism and leads workshops and offers personal sessions in fields as varied as human design, the enneagram of liberation, hypnosis, catharsis based dance therapies, meditation (method based and zazen), besides a wide spectrum of Osho meditations and group therapies. Elements from the wisdom traditions of Zen, Sufism, Tantra, Tibetan Buddhism and Taoism are integrated in his workshops into a beautiful symphony. His debut novel in the genre of spiritual fiction, The Wayfarer, was launched last year.

Sunday, 7 June

9:30 AM - 5:30 PM

*The workshop will be in English. 

White Robe Gathering
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
(Followed by Dinner)

Participation by Contribution

Prior Registration Required:

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